Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Competition ♥ Best hiding places

Our favourite game at Dundelina is hide and seek. We are always looking for new places where to hide: inside the closets, behind the curtains, under the blankets, under the dining table, inside the trees. In fact, almost anywhere is a good place... even the washing machine!!! (We totally agree Magnhild... this one is a bit scary!)

Each time Dundelina hides herself, she is absolutely convinced that no one would find her! Each time she feels the excitement in her stomach... and each time she is found she asks in disappointment: "How did you know?"

So Dundelina was eager to find a place where NO ONE could ever find her, and she asked her Facebook friends for help. And ywesterday we started our weekly monday meeting with a serious case: to pick the best hiding place of all the hiding places suggested by them. We were supposed to pick only The Best hiding place, but after 3 hours of discussion we could still not decide on it...  so we finally gave up and agreed to pick two of our favourite ones:

"When my little sister grows older, then I turn little
and  then I will hide in my mothers belly" 
Eiril 2,5 years + mummy Gunhild Rykkje. We love your idea Eirin 

"Behind her own eyes. Totally gone!" 
Mummy Ellen Salomonsen. Well thought!  

To our winners, CONGRATULATIONS ♥ We will try to use your ideas next time, but we can promis any success! To all our other friends, THANK YOU for all the imput we got!!!

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