Monday, 24 January 2011

Dundelina ★ hard to be a model

And so on Sunday we had the photoshoot for winter 2011. Sunday was supposed to be a beautiful "no rain" day, but HEY! We are in the west coast of Norway right? It was of course pouring from the moment we arrived to the location.

Despite the rain the session went great! Bodil took some amazing shots; mums were happy styling, dressing, undressing, feeding and warming; and the girls absolutely LOVED every minute of it! 

However... its not always so easy to follow the demands from our stars: 
- Mum...
- Yes Karoline?
- I really, R E A L L Y want to do the photoshoot for Dundelina tomorrow, BUT can you please tell Monica that i do not want to pose with any 5 year old?
- Karoline, you are 6...
- I know mum, but posing with a 5 year old will be just way too embarrasing!!!
- And mum...
- Yes....
- Could you please make sure that the grown ups do not talk too much in between? That always makes the shooting too long!

Karoline -6 years- to her mum,
on Saturday after testing her outfits for the winter 2011 photoshoot.


  1. Bare helt herlig Monica!! Gleder meg veldig til å se bildene, og tar gjerne en sniktitt !

  2. Utrolig bra bilde, slik er det harde livet til ein modell og mammaen:) Men jammen var det artig òg!

  3. at least everyone survived this time :)