Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Wisdom break: About Hopscotch

So yes, I have to admit that we are crazy about hopscotch. We played this game a lot when we were little, and we still do. We do not climb, or hike, or train in the gym. We do hopscotch to keep fit!

Yesterday's entry made us realize how little we know about things that are so familiar. So we embarked on a quick research adventure...

History tells that hopscotch began in ancient Britain during the early Roman Empire. Roman soldiers used it as military training excersice! It is said that their hopscotch courts were over 30 meters long! (OMG) And that they were marked in the main Roman road between London and Glasgow. The soldiers would ran across them like a storm in full armor and field packs (WOW!!!). Roman children imitated the soldiers and since then it spread through Europe. Today England hosts the Hopscotch World Cup every 4 years.

Suddenly I feel no longer ashamed to confess that I train playing hopscotch and not spinning!

Real history footnote:
To date there is not confirmed evidence of the above, as the first recorded reference to hopscotch dates back to 1677. Sources and wikipedia. Skepticals take a look at Rouge classicism.

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