Saturday, 12 March 2011

Dundelina ♥ backstage story

The delivery of our new collection is getting closer and closer, so we are now working hard to get all the graphical material done. After a long week of fun work, the illustrations of the new Dundelina book are finished. (Wohooooo!!!!!!)

The new story "Dundelina and the apple tree" is partly based on real life, and let me tell you, you will love it. I can't say more... for now!

The illustrations for this book are a collaboration between Dundelina and our talented studio mate Sveinung, who in his spare time is actually a full time industrial designer. We are so looking forward to receive the colouring books from our printer.

Cover of the 2011 book "Dundelina og epletreet" by Dundelina


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  2. Hærleg!
    Me gledar oss! Sofie klipper gjerne plenen for accessories! ;) og småjentene er klar!!!
    Kjempe flinke!!!!