Friday, 4 March 2011

Anatomy of a dress ✄ - - - - Åge the eel dress

"(...) Dundelina is suddenly at the bottom of the sea, and does not really know waht to do. She wanders in the darkness. Slippery eels crawl around her legs, and rough backed crabs climb along her plaids. Oh my how they look! And my ooooooh my how they smell!!! She clips a lobster on her nose, then takes a balloon fish and uses it as a breathing device."

Can you see the spooky eel that is crawling around your own dress? Take a closer look, that is what dundelina is all about.


Åge the eel dress by Dundelina Norway
Extract from the story Dundelina at the bottom of the sea, by Roald Kaldestad.

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