Friday, 12 November 2010

Competition ★ Draw your dundelina dress

The new draw your dundelina dress competition is here!!!

Draw your own Dundelina design on this dress, and send it to us. Dundelina will pick a winner who will get this beautiful dress embroidered with his/her own design.

Find inspiration for your drawing in the story Dundelina på havets bunn -Dundelina at the bottom of the sea- by Roald Kaldestad, which you can read here, by clicking on the blue shark at the top of the page.

 Last chance for sending your drawing is December 18th. The winner will be notified soon afterwards. Send your drawing by e-mail to or by post to:

Ås 25
5417 Stord

Download the drawing card in real size by clicking on the image.
Dundelina på havets bunn story is only available in Norwegian. If you do not read Norwegian, make up your own story by looking at the pictures and send it to us! The best story will win a Special Dundelina prize!

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