Friday, 30 April 2010

Where do sharks come from?

When we first get a story draft from Roald Kaldestad, we
immediately start thinking about the charachters that will come to life. Those days prior to sketching a new collection are the most enjoyable. A cup of INSPIRATION tea on one hand, the mouse on the other one, pencil and paper not too far away, and ideas just start appearing one after the other.

 One of the charachters form this season's story
-Dundelina at the bottom of the sea-
is a balloon fish, which she decides to use as breathing device.
This is one of the images we found when researching "balloon fish".
Isn't he the most fantastic guy?

We fell in love with the pattern that extends to the eye,
and the rare color (which may be the result of the light effect).
Well, this is what we did with it...

Not a ballon fish... but a shark!!!
Our shark dress is one of the favorite pieces this season.
We love the fact that at first glance it looks like a regular dress,
but when you look at it carefully, you discover that there is something else behind!

Get the shark dress at the dundelina shop or at any of our retailers.
The balloon fish picture used in this post is borrowed form The eye page

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