Saturday, 5 December 2009

The day has come

 T o d a y  

we finally announce the first winners of our Christmas activity. We just emptied the bag where we collected our post and the pile reached the roof!

 We got cards from all over Norway and even some from Denmark!!! 
Thank you to all the kids that sent us their drawings. 
We had lots of fun everyday!

Dundelina has picked


Emilie got the card at our retailer in Stavanger I N T E L B A R N. She chose Bennie, one of the characters of our story Dundelina og det gamle huset for her dress.
We l o v e Bennie, and we will enjoy making this dress for you Emilie!  

This funny dress was drawn by Ena, who got her card at our retailer  L I T L E   B L Å in Halsnøy. She wrote a note for us: "the fish hang loose from a blue ribbon", to make sure we let them swim free on her dress.
We hope you enjoy playing with them Ena!

And the third pick is a  v e r y  s p e c i a l  dress...

Last week we ran to the postbox (as every morning during the last month) and started looking through the cards we had got that day. Suddenly we saw one with many many tiny figures on it. Little by little we discovered what seemed to be a long necked dinosaur, a scary bunny with very ponity teeth, a one eyed alien, and a bunch other undescribable creatures. Dundelina and I looked to each other and S M I L E D.
Who could this fantastic dress be from? We wondered. 
When we turned the card we read: Isak 

Isak got his card at B A B Y  D E S I G N in Oslo.

 Dundelina is very proud of this design!

Have you won? Drop a line here if you wish to say something to us. Have you not won this time? Keep crossing fingers!

We got so many beautiful designs we want to make,
 that we will be picking n e w  w i n n e r s on the 13th of December. 

Welcome back next week!!!

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